Family Touring

Benefits of Family Touring

• Great way for children and adults to see many places in one go, so the whole family benefits

• Often ‘packaged’ together so can be cheaper as all inclusive or discounted.
• Touring requires careful planning which in effect may benefit families as things feel more coordinated with a clear outline of things to do or places to see. Planning removes the pressure of time management and having an itinerary and schedule can work in your favour if you don’t like surprises

• Family touring allows families time to bond together as they explore a new country, new surroundings and new cultures- therefore creating beautiful memories to treasure

• The guided nature of tours means that that parents and children can learn in an interactive environment which offers a new way of ‘family holiday’ travel- one that allows each person to gain a different perspective on life

• Touring holidays gives everyone an opportunity to meet new people, which can benefit parents and children by interacting with people of different cultures or religions. There may be differences, but there is one common purpose on the tour holidays- you all share a passion for travel

• Tour packages usually contain extra vouchers for meals or discounts, which is a bonus when travelling as a family.


Cruise along with your family



Benefits of Cruising as a Family

• Cruising allows for a variety of different tastes and experiences to be explored by each individual in a family, with a range of activities suitable for differing age groups and comfort levels. From water activities to corny games, fine dining to casual buffet, cruises are tailored to meet every family’s needs

• Cruise holidays are great for children with many programs operating for different age groups allowing parents to enjoy some time apart from the children while ensuring the kids are supervised and are having fun

• Cruises often offer ‘family packages’ which can help with costs and which are designed to be all inclusive. This is particularly important as it takes the worry out of planning for each day’s activities and menu options, with all inclusive packages catering for adults and children

• The best benefit of cruising is the closed off environment. Parents can be assured that their older children or teens will be able to adventure around the cruise ship without getting lost or into any unwanted trouble

Cruise ships are generally very safe environments, where activity is monitored very closely and safety on board is taken very seriously

• Cruises are convenient, safe, budget friendly, family orientated and fun- with a range of activities and options to cater for every family member

Hawaii for Families


• Water Fun
Hawaii Is home to hundreds of beaches with the most popular being Waikiki Beach. With warm, mild temperatures all year long, Hawaii is the idea destination among holiday makers and families. Surfing, Fishing, jet skiing and scuba diving are a few of the things families love to do in Hawaii. For the younger children, Kite Surfing or a visit to Wet ‘N’ Wild Kamaaina (Hawaii’s number one attraction) is sure to please any water loving fan.

• Culture Hub
Polynesian Cultural Centre is located on the island of Oahu and has ‘villages’ that represent the eight different cultures. The family will love the daily shows on display, arts and crafts, dance performances and the children’s special features on the giant IMAX screen. The kids will especially like the practical part of the Cultural Centre on offer- learning how to throw a spear, carving wood, learning the Haka dance and cooking in a fire pit. What a perfect way to blend in culture on holidays!

Chinatown, Hawaii Style
The kids will sure love venturing down Chinatown in Honolulu. You will be amazed as you walk past temples and historic buildings before stopping to see noodles being made before your eyes. The children and parents alike will be impressed by the choice in food in Chinatown- a great food experience filled with history and fun.

Fiji Family Fun



• Choose a Cruise
Fiji is a great choice for a family holiday- there is plenty to do and see and the climate is perfect for both children and parents to enjoy a memorable holiday. Taking a ride aboard a smaller cruise ship means access to over 300 individual islands and is a great way to see Fiji’s beautiful rainforests, rivers, beaches and marine life. A half day cruise with the children allows them to experience the culture and features, while allowing the family a chance to return to their resort to unwind and rest.

• Local Wonders
Visiting a local village is a great way to involve the family into seeing and experiencing the charm of the local people. Conversing with them about their lives, culture and traditions allows everyone to develop a bond with the Fijian people and often gives a family perspective and understanding into their own lives and values. The locals will charm you with their stories and will often braid the children hair or sing songs upon your arrival- the perfect memories to take back home.

• Fiji Time
If you have heard of this expression before, then you will understand what Fiji Time means. Fiji allows you time to stop the rush and to just appreciate your newfound tranquillity and space. This is why Fiji is perfect for families who want to unwind, relax and just be together without having to look down at your watch.

• Culture Abroad
Your family holiday is not complete without witnessing and perhaps participating in some of Fiji’s greatest cultural ceremonies. A Kava ceremony, Fire Dance ceremony or Lovo Feast are important cultural traditions that should be seen. You are certain to take home beautiful memories of your time at Fiji!

Family Fun at Phuket, Thailand




  • Beach Magic

The beaches in Phuket are magical and spectacular- the most popular destinations in Thailand! With warm, crystal blue water, the island of Phuket is an idea place for a family holiday. From the popular Patong Beach (stretching 2.7km) to the family friendly Kata Beach (lined with restaurants and accommodation), there is sure to be a spot idea ideal for you! Enjoy a day at the beach creating memories with your children or visit the many offshore Islands for a day adventure you won’t forget.


  • Break away

Family holidays are the perfect way to reconnect and share wonderful moments together. In between all the fun at the beaches, resorts and parks, parents and children sometimes need their own time. This is where Fun Start, Phuket comes in handy. A cross between a kids club and a Family Sports and Leisure Club, Fun Start caters for children and adults of all ages. Kids are well supervised and can make use of the play area, trampolines, participate in cooking classes and much more! Adults and families can also take part in the weekend Family Days for sun soaked days in the pool.


  • Splash Jungle

Splash Jungle Waterpark in Phuket is a child’s dream. Unlike the queues at other popular theme parks across the globe, Splash rides are not crowded and queues are short. Grab an inflatable tube and take a ride down the 335m lazy river- the most popular ride. There are multiple water slides of varying speeds and heights to accommodate all ages with bonus free entry for children under five- a perfect day out for families!


  • Fantasy Land

Phuket’s FantaSea is the islands most popular attraction, with a rich cultural display filled with music, lights, performers and animals all under one roof. The whole family will enjoy the diverse nature of the show with plenty of other attractions like shopping, carnival games and one of the biggest buffets in Asia to keep everyone satisfied.

Family Fun at Bali




  • Culture on Display

Bali is known as a tropical paradise filled with many amazing sights and things to do. At this family friendly holiday destination, the Balinese people pride themselves on accommodating adults and children with a host of activities and performances. Watching a traditional Balinese show allows everyone a chance to enjoy the colourful costumes and graceful dances on display. Children also enjoy having their hair braided by Bali locals often for free or for a small fee. Exposing the family to a different culture and traditions is one of many benefits of visiting Bali.

  • Water Park Fun

No visit to Bali is complete without a visit to the Waterbom Water Park.This Bali attraction is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, with rides catering for all age groups- both teenagers and adults will be joining the queues for a day of fun and adventure.

Don’t worry, the little ones won’t miss out with specific toddler designated water play areas complete with mini water slides and games to keep the young ones busy under the watchful eyes of their parents.

  • Shop ‘till you drop

Shopping in Bali is an amazing experience in itself. Marvelling at the gorgeous dresses, sarongs, statues, jewellery and art provides for hours of guilt free pleasure. One advantage of travelling as a family is the extra baggage allowance for all those special finds you will purchase! You can also teach the children about bargaining before you travel to Bali- a great lesson for them to learn and one way to have the children involved when travelling to Bali.

  • Ride Away!

One of the most memorable things to do in Bali is to visit the Bali Elephant Park, where your family can enjoy a ride on top of an Elephant. Get ready to sit on a teak chair as you take a stroll through the park or perhaps even wade through water, a sure hit with the kids- just watch out for the sneeze!


Family fun at the Gold Coast

Gold Coast

  • Explore the Beaches.

The Gold Coast is the perfect holiday destination for families wanting to enjoy sand, surf and sun. From the popular and busy 3 kilometre stretch in Surfers Paradise to the quieter Nobbys Beach complete with child friendly playground, there are plenty of beaches to accommodate all types of family holiday makers. Pack a picnic, hire a jet ski and explore a few beaches while on holiday- it’s fun, family friendly and best of all its free!

  • Theme Park Excitement.

A visit to the Gold Coast isn’t complete without a trip (or four!) to the iconic Theme Parks. Children and adults can both enjoy an array of sights, activities and rides in any of the four major Theme Parks: Dream World, Sea World, Wet ‘N’ Wild and Warner Bros. Movie World. It’s best to plan ahead to avoid long queues by purchasing entry tickets when booking your holiday. Booking in advance and purchasing family passes means more savings, less hassle and a chance to discuss and compromise with the children when planning ahead.

  • Family Fun

The Gold Coast is home to many popular tourist attractions for people of all ages.

If extreme adventure is what your family is after, then adults and older teenagers will enjoy completing the SkyPoint Climb or taking in the sights at the SkyPoint Observation Desk.

For a fun take on history and a great way to introduce the children to Museums, then Ripley’s Believe It Or Not or the Gold Coast Wax Museum are definitely favourites among holiday makers. Whatever you decide to do, the gold Coast is filled with enough options to keep the whole family happy.

  • Happy Birthday Surfers Paradise!

On the 1st December 2013, get ready to hit The Esplanade and celebrate Surfers Paradises’ 80th Birthday with a variety of festivities and entertainment suitable for adults and children. Join in the Time Capsule Ceremony, have a look at the displays and stalls or watch the children smile as they enjoy the rides- whatever you do, make sure you’re a part of this history making day!